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About us

Latvian Trade Union of Education and Science Employees (LIZDA)

LIZDA is an independent organisation founded in May 19, 1990 and at the moment is the largest trade union in Latvia. LIZDA unites 30 220 employees, students and seniors working in education and science fields. They are jointed in 1248 trade unions where their economic, social and professional rights are protected. 54% of education and science employees are LIZDA members and actively pursue their interests of improving working and living conditions, furthering education and science field development. LIZDA is the social partner of Latvian Government and works actively in National Triangular Collaboration Council. LIZDA is also a member of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia.

Represent, express and protect economic, social and legal rights of LIZDA members and make a social dialogue in all levels.

The most powerful and largest trade union joined by active and well-informed members who are interested in education and science processes.
We are supported by society and social partners take us into consideration.