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Each person working in a an educational or science establishment in Latvia, is studying in an educational establishment with respect to person’s age, sex, nationality or any other affiliation can become a member of Latvian Trade Union of Education and Science Employees.

Trade union supports its members:
• stability of a work place;
• adequate salary;
• improvement of work and life conditions;
• health – caring work conditions;
• insurance of work accidents;
• involvement in a development of education and science;
• involvement in work experience exchange;
• personal growth.

Trade union can improve work and life conditions of its members by:
• supporting interests in relations with employer, The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, the Government,  Parliament (Saeima),  Free Trade Union Federation of Latvia, Latvian Adult Education Association, European Trade Union Committee for Education, Education International and taking part in work of 25 work groups and other organisations;
• performing social control of compliance of field’s legal provisions; giving more than 70 statements in a year on projects of laws and regulations;
• giving an opportunity to its members to cooperate in a work of 8 LIZDA commissions and giving propositions to LIZDA Council;
• concluding work collective agreements with employers and contracts with local authorities: up to date more than 1000 work collective agreements and 40 contracts have been concluded;
• giving consultations about employment rights, safety, economic and social issues; specialists of the executive bureau give more than 600 consultations on legal issues within one year;
• giving information on employment rights, labour safety, social – economic, trade union work and other questions; more than 20 seminars are organised within one year;
• giving opportunity to share experience: we keep in touch with similar trade unions in 22 countries abroad;
• providing convenient discounts to more than 25 LIZDA cooperation partners in Latvia;
• providing material support in accidents: each year more than 850 member applications are reviewed in the fund and the total reimbursement paid is more than 107,000 LVL;
• the principle of solidarity, death of close relatives, childbirths, medical treatments, strikes and other occasions are financially supported: up to date  more than 1 million LVL have been paid to aid the members.

Contact LIZDA executive office in Riga about possibilities joining the trade union!