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Congress is the highest decision – making body in trade union which comes together once every five years.

Council is trade union decision – making body working in between the LIZDA Congresses. Council meetings are held not less than once every three months. LIZDA Council is made by all chairman of territorial organisations (LIZDA member organisations), chairman of higher educational establishments and Academy of Sciences who represent not less than 200 members.  Organisations forming the Council are called the member organisations. LIZDA member organisation, with approximately 2000 members, is represented by its chairman in the Council. Each next 2000 members have rights to delegate additional representative in the Council.

Board is the decision – making institution of the trade union monitoring the work in between the LIZDA Councils. Meetings are held by necessity, but not less than once every two months. The Board is formed by 13 people: members of the LIZDA Council, chairman and deputy of LIZDA, representatives of regional trade union organisations, and representatives of the largest town trade unions in Latvia, representatives of the science, higher, general secondary, professional, elementary educational establishments. Structure of the Board is formed once a year.

Councils of participating (territorial) organisations
Councils of participating (territorial) organisations are managing the work of trade union in a distinct territory. Participating organisations are divided into 1 331 primary organisations from which 14 are in a direct registration of LIZDA and participate in board meetings with advisory rights.

Committees of primary organisations
Committee of primary organisation manages its work in particular establishment or organisation.